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What is the CLIPish Stickers app?

CLIPish Stickers has thousands of animated "stickers" designed specifically to use with iMessage.


You can access the stickers from either the stand-alone app, or from the iMessage version of the app.  When you purchase CLIPish Stickers, and install it from the app store, BOTH the stand-alone and iMessage versions of the app are installed. 

Finding Stickers

You can find stickers by either "browsing" through the different categories (Greetings, Romantic, Holidays, etc.), or by using the keyword search feature at the top of each page.

Sharing Stickers

How you share a sticker will depend on if you are using the stand-alone app or the app from within iMessage.

Stand-alone Version

From the stand-alone app, just tap on the sticker and it will be moved to your device's clipboard.  You can then paste the sticker into any other app that supports animations.  This method will not allow you to place, rotate or size the animation.  For that, you'll want to use the iMessage version (see next section).

iMessage Version

To share stickers in iMessage, you really should use the iMessage version of the app, giving you the following advantages:  1) Can find and share stickers without leaving iMessage.  2) Can drag and place stickers exactly where you want them in your message (on top of text bubbles, next to other stickers, etc.)  3) Size and rotate the stickers.

Watch this short video tutorial to see how to find and share stickers from within the iMessage app.

Tutorial Video

The best way to learn how to use the app is to watch this short video tutorial.  

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