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Drop It!

Lose Weight Fast
with the
World's Best
Calorie Counter!

Drop It - $2.99 (iOS)  

Save 50%  Hurry, sale ends soon!

Drop It is designed to do ONE THING, and ONLY ONE THING: Help you LOSE WEIGHT FAST! ​Drop It's exclusive "MET-MAX" (Metabolism Maximizer) feature uses the most scientifically-advanced formulas and calculations, so your weight loss plan can be as aggressive as you wish, but still automatically BOOST and PROTECT your metabolism, all without starving you!  MET-MAX does all the complicated computations for you, so all you need to do is follow the day's calorie budget, which will be DIFFERENT each day--that's how you know it's working!

To lose weight fast, you should use the most scientifically-advanced formulas for calorie management.  However, such formulas can be extremely complicated and time-consuming, so most popular calorie counting apps don't use these advanced formulas.  You'll know an app isn't using the most advanced formulas if it suggests essentially the same number of calories each day for your daily calorie budget.  No matter how many fancy "bells and whistles" these apps have, they may produce much slower weight loss results by either:  a) playing it safe and not being as aggressive as you could be, b) being aggressive but too consistent, slowing down your metabolism ("Weight Loss Plateau") or worst of all, c) being too aggressive and potentially damaging your metabolism ("Famine Mode").  

Visit the FAQ's for more details on how Drop It and MET-MAX work.


  • Exclusive MET-MAX feature automatically BOOSTS and PROTECTS your Metabolism by DAILY calculating your optimum calorie budget, ideal JUST FOR YOU.

  • Designed to be simple, uncluttered and easy to use with the FOCUS ON CALORIE COUNTING for weight-loss success.

  • Fun "drop it" tactile drag and drop calorie counter, makes it FUN and REWARDING to count calories throughout your day.

  • Built-in EXERCISE DATABASE to easily track daily exercise with over 160 exercises and activities.

  • Built-in FOOD SEARCH for looking up calories.

  • Set and track WEIGHT GOALS, including weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance goals.

  • CHARTS YOUR PROGRESS with weight-tracking graph.

  • NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES to use the full app!

DOWNLOAD:  App Store

VIDEOS:  Video Tutorial



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