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What is DROP IT?

Drop It is an iOS iPhone/iPad app designed to do ONE THING, and ONLY ONE THING: Help you LOSE WEIGHT FAST through scientifically assigning and easily counting daily calories.

What is Drop It NOT?

Drop It is designed to do one thing: Help you lose weight fast through counting calories. Other than calories, Drop It does not deal with any nutritional information (fat, protein, vitamins, etc.). Drop It also doesn't have a robust food database or food calculator at this time. It provides basic food search, but not a servings calculator. There are also no social media share features. If you want to count calories and lose weight, you can't beat Drop It, but if you're looking for an app to help you with nutritional information, social media, robust food database, etc., Drop It may not be a good choice for you.

What is "MET-MAX?"

Optimizing your body's metabolism is the most important thing you can do to successfully lose weight, since it controls how quickly (or slowly) your body burns calories. If not done correctly, dieting can harm your metabolism in two ways: WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAUING - This is when your body gets accustom to the same calorie intake each day, slowing down your metabolism. FAMINE MODE - If you get too few calories over a period of time, your body may kick into "famine mode," slowing down your metabolism considerably to conserve body fat. If this happens, it can be difficult to bring your metabolism back to full efficiency. If either of these happen to you, it can become extremely difficult to lose weight, no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise. When MET-MAX is turned on, Drop It will automatically adjust your daily calories to protect your metabolism by keeping a minimum level of calorie consumption, as well as "zig-zagging" your daily calories to avoid creating a weight loss plateau.

How is MET-MAX calculated?

Drop It starts with your normal calorie budget (based on your age, weight, height, weight-loss goal, etc.), and then MET-MAX will make two possible adjustments: BOOST Calories: These are calories added or subtracted each day, zig-zagging your daily calorie intake to prevent your metabolism from plateauing. Each day is calculated randomly to add or subtract up to 20% of your baseline calorie budget. For example, if your baseline calorie budget is 2000 calories, BOOST Calories could range from -400 to +400 calories. PROTECT Calories: These are calories added on any given day to keep your body above a certain level of calories throughout the week, avoiding "famine mode." The NIH and most experts recommends a minimum of 1500 calories for men and 1200 for women. PROTECT Calories allow you to select an aggressive weight-loss plan, such as Lose 2 lbs a Day, but protect you from dropping below the recommended minimums over a period of time. This number will vary, even through out the day, based on exercise you might add. For example, if you are a man, and your baseline calories were 1200, MET-MAX would add 300 PROTECT Calories to bring you to the minimum 1500. If, however, you did 500 calories of exercise, your daily allowance would jump to 1700 and MET-MAX would remove the 300 PROTECT Calories. Unless indicated by the app, MET-MAX is only using BOOST Calories. If PROTECT Calories are necessary and included, the app will show you the break down of BOOST vs PROTECT Calories.

What makes Drop It work better than similar apps?

To lose weight fast, you should use the most scientifically-advanced formulas for calorie management. However, such formulas can be extremely complicated and time-consuming, so most popular calorie counting apps don't use these advanced formulas. You'll know an app isn't using the most advanced formulas if it suggests essentially the same number of calories each day for your daily calorie budget. No matter how many fancy "bells and whistles" these apps have, they may produce much slower weight loss results by either: a) playing it safe and not being as aggressive as you could be, b) being aggressive but too consistent, slowing down your metabolism ("Weight Loss Plateau") or worst of all, c) being too aggressive and potentially damaging your metabolism ("Famine Mode"). Drop It's exclusive "MET-MAX" (Metabolism Maximizer) feature uses the most scientifically-advanced formulas and calculations, so your weight loss plan can be as aggressive as you wish, but still automatically BOOST and PROTECT your metabolism, all without starving you! MET-MAX does all the complicated computations for you, so all you need to do is follow the day's calorie budget, which will be DIFFERENT each day--that's how you know it's working!

What are the steps to use Drop It each day?

1. Set up your profile one time with your age, weight, height, etc. 2. Make sure the MET-MAX button is set to the ON position for Drop It to give you the optimum calorie budget EVERY DAY. 3. Drag and drop the calorie "bubbles" into the mouth as you eat throughout the day. Tap on the calorie history for the Daily Calories Log if you wish to enter a description for items or add more items manually. If you're not sure what the calories are for a particular food, you can use the Food Search at the top. 4. Tap the Exercise button to add any exercise you do throughout the day. 5. If you weight yourself on any given day, enter your weight by tapping the Weight button. 6. Use the New Day button at the top to reset everything for a new day.

Does Drop It store a history of each day's activity?

No. To keep the app as simple and streamlined as possible, Drop It is intentionally designed to be a daily calorie counter. Use it each day, then use the New Day button to reset for a new day. The one exception to this is your Weight Log. Anytime you enter your weight, the app will save a history of your weight for each date entered. This data is retained and displayed in the graph on the Weight page. (To clear historical weight data, you can tap the Clear button under the graph.)

How should I answer the "Non-Exercise Lifestyle" field on the profile page?

Select how active you are each day in general, NOT including exercise. For example, if you live a fairly sedate life on most days (desk job, etc.), select Less Active. If you have an extremely active life (construction worker, mother of small children, etc.), select Very Active. The important thing to remember is this is asking about your lifestyle NOT INCLUDING exercise. For example, someone can have a Less Active Non-Exercise Lifestyle, but then do a 10-mile run every day. They would select Less Active and then enter their running as an exercise each day.

Why does the app have me "drag bubbles" to enter my calories?

It has been shown that using a finger and a tactile drag motion to enter calories, and then receiving the audible "munching" sound, can make entering calories much more FUN and REWARDING, encouraging you to count calories throughout your day. This is why the app intentionally doesn't provide a bar-code scanning system. It may be a bit more work, but you'll have more success in tracking your calories throughout the day.

Do I have to drag the bubbles to enter my calories?

No, if you wish to enter the calories directly, simply tap on the area left of the mouth and it will bring up the Daily Calories Log where you can manually enter calories.

What if I don't want to hear the "munching" sound?

You'll find the munching sound makes entering calories a more rewarding experience. However, if you don't want to disturbe others around you (in a meeting, late at night, etc.), you can simply toggle the sound effects on and off by tapping the Speaker button at the top of the display. This makes it very easy to mute the sound if necessary, then turn it back on when appropriate.

What is the spinning timer inside the Undo button for?

As you drag down calorie bubbles, it will group the calories together unless you wait a few seconds for the timer to ellapse. For example, if you wanted to enter 325 calories for some soup, and 150 calories for some milk, you would drag the following bubbles: 100, 100, 100, 10, 10, 5 and then wait for the timer to expire, then drag the following bubbles: 100, 50. This would create two different Undo groups, one for 325 and one for 150. If you wanted, you could then tap on the numbers under the Undo button to go to the Daily Calories Log to give each a description, to help you remember what each was.

Do I have to enter my weight each day?

No, not at all. You should, however, try to enter it at least once a week, since your daily calorie allowance is based on your current weight.

Will I lose weight faster if I eat less than the Available Calories on some days?

No...in fact, it could make you lose weight more slowely. Each day, the balance of your "Available Calories" is displayed in the lower-right corner of the main display. Througout the day, this number will go up as you add exercise, and go down as you consume calories. THE GOALD SHOULD BE to end the day with this Available Calories number being AS CLOSE TO ZERO as possible. You should try to NOT eat fewer calories on some days, as the MET-MAX feature adjusts your daily calories to the ideal number to achieve your weight loss goal. Eating less than the Available Calories on some days could slow down your metabolism, actually making it harder to lose weight. The MET-MAX feature is key to helping you lose weight at the best possible rate, so following it will help you achieve your weight-loss goal in the fastest mannier. That is the beauty of Drop-it, as it does all the "math" for you. All you need to do is end the day as close to zero as possible for Available Calories.

What if I go over my daily budget?

The whole idea of the Drop It app is to help you NOT go over your daily calorie budget. You want to get as close to your budget each day as possible. However, there could be times you do go over (parties, traveling, etc.). On such days, there is no need to keep entering calories once you've hit your limit, since the app doesn't keep a history of each day's calorie activity, nor would it have any impact on the way the app works for future dates. Of course, exceeding your budget, especially if exceeded by a lot or for multiple days, will slow down your weight loss. So, the things in the app that may be impacted if you exceed your daily budget would be on the page where you track your weight, you could see your average weight loss per week go down and your projected goal completion date be pushed out. DO NOT try to "make it up" by eating fewer calories than your budget in future days, as that could harm your metabolism and slow down your progress even more. Just realize it will take a little longer to hit your goal, but keep trying to eat the correct number of calories each day, as that will still be the fastest AND safest way to ultimately hit your goal.

Why are my MET-MAX "Protect Calories" always zero?

This is perfectly normal, in fact, for most people the Protect Calories will usually be zero. The app will only add Protect Calories if they are needed to keep you above the daily minimum recommended safe level (1500 calories for men and 1200 calories for women). Usually the app will only need to add Protect Calories if you both: 1) have an aggressive weight loss goal set, such as losing 2 lbs per week, and 2) are not adding substantial exercise each day to boost your calorie budget.

Why do I seem to get a lower daily budget using the Drop It app than with other calorie-counting apps?

When you set up your profile in Drop It, one of the questions you are asked is your "Non-Exercise Lifestyle." Most other apps do not ask this or take this into account, and assume you have a relatively active lifestyle, hence giving you a larger daily calorie budget. Drop It, however, does factor your non-exercise lifestyle into account, and if you have a relatively sedate lifestyle (work at a desk all day, etc.), it will reduce your daily budget accordingly. If you find the daily budget provided by the app needs to be tweaked for your personal metabolism, you can do this on your profile page by adjusting the "Manual Cal Adjustment" value.

Can I change how the mouth and bubbles look?

Yes. By tapping on the small arrows to the left and right of the mouth area, you can slide through different themes. A theme can change the mouth, bubbles and/or sound effects. Tap through and try them all, and just leave it on the one you like best. Change your theme throughout the year to keep things interesting. You'll even find holiday themes for Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Need more help?

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