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Easy-to-use yet very powerful keyboard app that lets you, with one tap, retype text and phrases that you use often.
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 - 2019-

Keyboard Macros PRO - $2.99 (iOS)  

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Keyboard Macros PRO is an easy-to-use yet very powerful keyboard macro app that lets you, with one tap, retype text and phrases that you use often.


For example, when ordering items on the web, you can quickly enter your email address, name, address, etc., with just a single tap.


The app comes with dozens of example macros to get your mind working on the many creative ways you can use the app.


Here are just a few examples of who Keyboard Macros PRO is great for:

  • SALESPEOPLE who repeatedly email or text message with the same replies.

  • SINGLES using TINDER or other dating apps to quickly ask and reply to typical dating questions. No more typing the same thing over, and over, and over...

  • JUST FOR FUN with text messaging your favorite EMOJIS, EMOJI ART, ASCII ART and even loads of JOKES and KNOCK KNOCK JOKES that come pre-installed.

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT reps to quickly respond with answers to common questions.

  • For UBER/LYFT DRIVERS to quickly text riders with usual replies.

  • For AIRBNB HOSTS to quickly email or text message guests with check-in instructions.

  • EVERYONE! You'll be surprised all the creative ways you'll find to use it.


  • KEYBOARD EXTENSION:  Insert large amounts of text into any app with one tap from keyboard.

  • ALL APPS:  Works with iMessage, Email, Tinder, Kik, and virtually any app.

  • iCLOUD:  Saves your text shortcuts to iCloud so they can be shared between devices.

  • CATEGORIES:  Organize your shortcuts into unlimited Categories.

  • DRAG N DROP:  Reorder Shortcuts and Categories by simply dragging and dropping them.

  • PRE-LOADED:  Comes pre-loaded with fun jokes and ASCII images.

DOWNLOAD:  App Store

VIDEOS:  Video Tutorial



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