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What is Keyboard Macros PRO?

The Keyboard Macros PRO app uses the iPhone's alternate keyboard feature ("keyboard extensions") to allow you to quickly enter pre-configured bits of text from the iPhone's keyboard with a single tap. These shortcuts are called "macros." For example, suppose your email address was "johnsmith@gmail.com." Instead of typing that out each time you're asked to enter your email address in a form on the web, or when in a text message, or when composing an email, etc., you could simply set up a shortcut (macro) one time to the Keyboard Macros PRO keyboard, then tap that shortcut and have your keyboard automatically type out "johnsmith@gmail.com" anytime needed. This is just one very simple example, but you'll find dozens of ways to use the app.

How is the best way to learn how the Fast Keys app works?

Watch the short tutorial video found at the top of this page. It will quickly show you how to add the special Fast Text keyboard to your device, as well as how to add, delete and edit your macros and categories.

How do I set up the app's keyboard for my device?

For a step-by-step demonstration, watch the tutorial video at the top of this page. Basically, you run your device's Settings app, then go to General, then to Keyboard, then to Keyboards, then to Add New Keyboard... then select Macros PRO. Once it's set up, tap on the world globe icon in the lower left corner of your keyboard, anywhere in iOS, and it will switch you through the different keyboards you have set up.

What are the "example" macros for?

When you install and run the app, you'll see that there are alredy dozens of categories and macros already set up in the app. You can delete and edit these, as well as add your own new macros. Here are the example categories that come pre-loaded with the app: • Name (first, last, full, etc.) • Home (email, phone, address, etc.) • Work (email, phone, address, etc.) • Misc. (Soc. Security number, DL number, License Plate number, etc.) • Responses (on phone, in meeting, etc.) • Passwords • Credit Cards • Emojis • Emoji Art • ASCII Art • Websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) • Jokes • Knock, Knock Jokes • Quotes • Dating Responses • Dating Ice Breakers

Can I delete an entire macro category?

Yes, if there is a macro category you no longer need, you don't have to individually delete each macro in that category, just delete the entire category. In the main app, swipe left over the category name and select Delete.

What is the difference betwen the "main app" and the "keyboard extension?"

There are two different parts to the Keyboard Macros PRO app, the "main app," and the "keyboard extension." The MAIN APP is what you run when you tap on the app icon from your device's desktop, like most iPhone apps. You use the main app to edit your macros and macro categories (add, edit, delete, reorder, etc.) The KEYBOAR EXTENSION is what you use from within your device's keyboard to actually "call" your macros. Watch the tutorial video at the top of this page to see how it all works.

What are some example uses for the Keyboard Macros PRO app?

Here are just a few examples of who Fast Text is great for: • SALESPEOPLE who repeatedly email or text message with the same replies. • SINGLES using TINDER or other dating apps to quickly ask and reply to typical dating questions. No more typing the same thing over, and over, and over... • JUST FOR FUN with text messaging your favorite EMOJIS, EMOJI ART, ASCII ART and even loads of JOKES and KNOCK KNOCK JOKES that come pre-installed. • CUSTOMER SUPPORT reps to quickly respond with answers to common questions. • UBER/LYFT DRIVERS to quickly text riders with usual replies. • AIRBNB HOSTS to quickly email or text message guests with check-in instructions. • EVERYONE! You'll be surprised all the creative ways you'll find to use it.

How do I create a new category?

From the main app, tap the Plus ( + ) button to add a new macro, then tap the Down Arrow to the right of the default category name to bring up a list of the current categories, then tap the Plus ( + ) button from that page to add a new category. Consider putting an Emoji icon at the front of the category name to match the pre-loaded categories, which each have an Emoji at the front of their name.

Why does they keyboard jump to a different category when I pull it up?

The keyboard extension will remember the last category you jumped to, and go directly to that category the next time the keyboard is pulled up. This is a handy feature to save you keystrokes in selecting the same category over and over if you are using the same one for a particular project. For example, if you tend to use the Emoji category a lot, it will always jump directly to that category anytime you bring up the category, until you jump to a different category, and then it will start jumping to that one. It all happens naturally and without any thought on your part, but you’ll see this feature can save you a lot of tapping.