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Magically send towering

animations with iMessage!

Tall Animations


Save 50%  Hurry, sale ends soon!

Magically send TOWERING animations with iMessage!  

Amaze your friends with how you're able to send such TALL animations!  There's never been an app like this before.  Hundreds of all-new, original animations you won't find anywhere else!

THE TRICK?  “Tall" animations are made up of 2 or more small synchronized animations that must be sent in order so they stack properly on top of each other when received by others.  Don't worry, the Tall Animations app keeps track of all the different ”segments” and walks you through sending them in the proper order.  


VIDEOS:  Video Tutorial

HELP:  Help


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On Sale!






*Prices shown in US dollars.  Other countries will vary, but still be around a 50% savings.  

NOTE:  All prices shown are for US (dollars).  Prices in other countries will vary.  Click the "Buy on App Store" button to view actual pricing.

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