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  • What are "tall" animations?"
    No matter how big an animation file is, the iMessage app on the iPhone will reduce the size of the animation down in the preview window. This prevents you from sending larger animations to other iPhone users. However, the Tall Animations app uses some tricks to allow you to send much larger, tall animations in iMessage.
  • What trick does Tall Animations use to be able to send bigger animations?
    The app's “tall" animations are made up of 2 or more small synchronized animations that must be sent in order so they stack properly on top of each other when received by others. Don't worry, the Tall Animations app keeps track of all the different ”segments” and walks you through sending them in the proper order.
  • How does it work?
    To send an animation, use the iMessage extension of the app and simply tap on the animation you wish to send. The app will load the first segment into the iMessage app for you to send. You then tap the Send button in iMessage to send it off. You then tap the Next Segment button to load the next segment for you to send, and so on. This will continue until all segments have been sent. Most animations are two segments "tall," but some are more.
  • Should I use the Tall or Taller mode?
    You will normally use the Tall setting. However, if you know you are sending an animation to someone with an iPhone X or iPhone "Plus" you can choose to use the Taller setting, which will look better on these larger-display devices.
  • What is the difference between the stand-alone version of the app and the iMessage extension?
    You can run Tall Animations directly from your device's desktop (stand-alone mode), and find and share all the animations (using Copy and Paste). However, this will not use the tricks to send the animations in the "tall" mode. So, it's highly recommended to fully enjoy the app, to run the iMessage extension to share animations via iMessage.
  • How do I install the iMessage extension of the app?
    When you install Tall Animations from the app store, it will automatically install the version for iMessage as well. However, if you don't see it when running iMessage, you may need to "turn it on" by going to the More option in the iMessage app tray, and then to the Edit button. Watch the Tutorial Video found on this website for more help.
  • After I send the first segment, the app closes and doesn't show me the next segment to send. What is happening?"
    The Tall Animations iMessage app will only work properly when used from within AN EXISTING text message. If you try using it when starting a new text message (tapping New Text Message icon and entering in a name or number), iOS closes the Tall Animation app after you send the first segment. This is just how iOS works, so we don't have any way around that. So, if you want to send Tall Animations to someone new, that you haven't started a text message with, just send them any TEXT message FIRST (such as "Hi Karen!"), which will create the text message log and then you can use Tall Animations without any problems.
  • Can I send tall animations to my Android friends?
    Yes! You only need iMessage to send the animations, but you can send them to anyone. However, depending on their device and operating system, they may display them slightly differently. The order and synchronization should always work, but it may have a larger gap between each animation.
  • The animations aren't being sent in the correct order. What can I do?
    It's possible, if you, or the person you're sending the animation too, has a slow internet connection, that it sends the animations in the wrong order, so they don't stack properly. For example, if an animation had three segments, if the connection is slow on either the sending or receiving end, it could take a second or two longer to send one segment over another, causing them to be recieved in a different order than how they were sent. This is rare, but if you encounter this problem, try waiting a second or two between sending each segment, giving the connection time to make sure it sends each segment in the correct order.
  • What if I still have a question?
    Please contact us at
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