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What is CLIPish Sound?

CLIPish Sound is design specifically for sharing fun "sounds" using the iPhone's text messaging app. When someone receives the sound file, they will see a small "play button" in their text message window, which when tapped, plays the sound you have selected. You can find sounds by either "browsing" through the different categories (Greetings, Romantic, Sound Effects, etc.), or by using the "search" feature at the top of each page. Tap the Play button next to any sound to hear what it sounds like.

How do I share a sound?

How you share a sound will depend on if you are using the stand-alone app or the app from within iMessage. iMESSAGE VERSION​ If you're sharing sounds in iMessage, you really should use the iMessage version of the app, which lets you find and share sounds without ever leaving the iMessage app. The best way to learn how is to watch the short video tutorial found at the top of the FAQs. STAND-ALONE VERSION Once you find a sound you wish to share, tap the Share button to the right of the sound (square box icon with an up arrow). Choose from the following three sharing methods:​ COPY - This will put a copy of the sound in your device's memory (called the "clipboard"), and then you can go to the text message conversation you want to share the sound in, tap inside the input box, then tap Paste. SAVE - This will save the sound to your device's Photo Library, allowing you to share it directly from there. (This is the method you'll need to use to share the sounds with other apps, besides iMessage, such as Twitter. MESSAGE - This will allow you to enter the name of someone from your Contacts to share the sound with using your device's Message app.

What are the Premium Features?

For a one-time, in-app purchase, you can upgrade CLIPish Sounds to "Premium." This provides three benefits over non-premium users: 1. MORE SOUNDS. Access to hundreds of additional Premium sounds. 2. NEW SOUNDS. New sounds added regularly are available exclusively to Premium users. 3. NO WATERMARKS. When others play the sounds you share with them via text message, the "CLIPish Sounds iPhone App" logo at the end of each sound is removed. (The watermark will still display when saving a sound to your local device's photo library.) To upgrade to Premium, run the app and tap on the Upgrade to Premium button at the top of the Home page.

How can I remove the "CLIPish Sounds iPhone App" watermark that shows at the end of some of the sounds?

At the end of some of the sound clips, when played back, it will display a CLIPish Sounds iPhone App "watermark." ​​ This lets others know what app you used to send them the sound clip. You can remove this watermark from the sound clips you share via text messaging by upgrading to the Premium features, as explained in the previous FAQ.

How can I share sounds with Twitter and other apps?

CLIPish Sounds is designed to work with the iPhone's iMessage app, however, you can use it with other non-iMessage apps if they support playing the small CLIPish Sound video files. Facebook doesn't support playing such small video files, but Twitter and other apps do. To share with other apps, such as Twitter, run the stand-alone version of the app (not the version you run from within iMessage), find the sound you want to share, and tap the Share button, then tap the Save option. This will put a copy of the sound file in your device's Photo Library. You can then run the Twitter app to tweet the video from your Photo Library.​

What other apps do you offer?

In addition to CLIPish Sounds, we have several other high-quality apps that we know you'll love. Visit to see are other app offerings.

How can I make suggestions for sounds I'd like to see added?

We'd love to hear from you and learn about any of your ideas or suggestions! Email us at:

How can I contact you with any questions or suggestions?

Have a question, need help, or just want to send us your feedback? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at: